20-level book in Italy

The book is that graphic table that a broker generally makes available to its customers in order to view the best sales and purchase offers compared to a specific financial instrument. The book is divided into 2 areas. The sale with the prices defined "letter"(ask price) and those of purchase with the prices defined"money"(bid price). The letter price or offer price, is how much the seller is inclined to receive to sell an asset.

At the same time, the"money"or demand price, is how much the buyer is willing to invest to have an asset.
On the book they are therefore dynamically represented supply and demand and this, especially for scalpers, can help to better understand the market in certain conditions such as close to a resistance or support.

The general line is a very useful tool to identify the best point of entry to the market.
In a 20-level book you are able to know the 20 proposals for supply and demand of an asset.
With our 20-level book in Italy, you can see the dynamics of prices per share for free and have an extra tool to trade.

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